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Glyconutrients Essential Carbohydrates for Health

Although it runs counter to the traditional wisdom, not every sugar is metabolized by the body to be energy. Some sugars, such as glyconutrients, perform very unique functions to keep a person’s body working at peak performance. This is a word that has roots in Greek. The root glyco means sweet in Greek. The nutrients are just simple carbohydrates. These can also be called monosaccharides. These first became popular when they were featured in Harpers Biochemistry.

There are known to be more than 200 simple carbohydrates. Only 8 of these are essential to body functions. These are fructose, mannose, galactose, N-acetylgalactosamin, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylneuraminic acid, and glucose. These substances bond directly with the cells of a person’s body. This bonding process is known as glycosylate and it serves a number of different incredible bodily functions. These functions range from cellular protection to cell communication and the control of the individual cellular structures.

Every single cell in the body relies on these special sugars to function properly. The cells of the immune system depend on them to keep out invading bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Energy comes from the glucose. Osteoporosis is also prevented by these nutrients.

Numerous medical studies have found that the absence of these molecules could actually inhibit bodily functions dealing with fighting off disease. However, it is not always possible for everyone to get all of the glyconutrients that they need. Everyone is at risk for having a serious deficiency. This deficiency can be very serious. Only two of the eight necessary sugars are included in modern diets.

There are a number of reasons why most glyconutrients are not included in people’s diets. Forced ripening is one. Too many preservatives, soil depletion, toxins in the environment, and food processing are others. No other different nutrients can even compensate for the effects that come from monosaccharides. Therefore, many people need to find supplements from this deficiency.

These glyconutrients are different from amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. They work miracles for the body and stave off serious life-threatening diseases at the cellular level. Everyone needs to make sure that they are getting enough of these special sugars. A person who eats enough of these unique sugar substances is much less likely to succumb to cancer or other serious diseases that are becoming much more prevalent in the modern society that keeps on placing more and more unhealthy substances into people’s lives.

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